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Mobile Auto Electrical Diagnostics/ for the Evesham & surrounding area
Diagnostics on all makes. Air Conditioning regas & servicing (March to October)


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2023 Summer
I'm available for any local jobs
in the Evesham/Stratford/Worcester & surrounding areas for diagnostic/fault finding work - including small jobs especially for those of you stuck at home with the car out of action.

Emergency Breakdowns/General Servicing/Alarm Fitting is no longer provided. I do not install radios or undertake camper van wiring full installations.

The following methods of payment can be accepted:

Bank Transfer - details provided on invoice at end of job. I do ask that payment is made at the end of the job, I do not offer credit terms

Cash £££

M-Fix History

Working in the Motor Trade since 1992, I have experience in both the Main Dealer environment and running a workshop of my own, under the business name of Minifix (specialising in the original Mini). My experience includes all types of Servicing/Repairs, Engine & Electronic Diagnostics, MOT Testing, Spare Parts Supply and Bodywork/Restorations.

The service I provide is polite, reliable and enthusiastic.

Why waste time & money when you can have the work done at your convenience - and to main dealer standards?

M-Fix Auto Electrics - Click Here to contact us....

I changed my services for January 2021 to include a 'Home Help' style service for the Evesham/Stratford/Worcester areas including the local Cotswolds villages/towns. Nothing too small - just send me an email and I'll get back to you. I don't do breakdown recovery, but if you're stuck please email me & I will do my best to help. Click Here. Please also note that at short notice I am unable/unwilling to purchase any parts, as I would need to see the issue first and confirm what part may be required. Unfortunately too many cars I look at are mis-diagnosed by breakdown services or owners, and as a result I have ended up paying for parts that are incorrect or not required. I am simply saving myself 2 or three trips for parts/parts returns for a simple job, saving you time too.

Aircon Servicing - Summer 2023. After 2022's summer heatwaves, the price of refrigerant for the average family car sky-rocketed, from about £6.50 in 2017, to £22.00 approx now. Winter prices for gas are usually a lot less, so getting your service done before any warmer weather begins would usually be a wise choice.

Coronavirus: I am able to provide a bacterial cleaning process within your car which freshens up the heating/air conditioning, and also cleans the evaporator (where the air conditioned air originates). Prices for all my services can be seen here

Mobile Vehicle Air Conditioning Re-Gassing (Charging)/Servicing/Leak Detection - Online Bookings can be made by clicking here

Fixed price of £80 for Recharging your Gas (R134a only) for all jobs within circled map area. R134a gas is the most common gas for all vehicles made between the late 1990's & 2012. Older cars use on R12 Gas (Freon), some new cars use 1234yf. I do not cater for the old R12 systemsfrom the 1970's & 1980's but information can be provided to assist in upgrading your system.

I will provide a service for vehicles using 1234yf in the not too distant future, but cannot do so as of July 2023.

Mobile Electrical Repairs

Fault finding and repair for electrical short/open circuits
  • Rewiring circuits
  • ECU and Computer repairs may be possible (depending on cause of fault)
  • Faulty circuits such as lighting, switches, sunroofs, central locking
  • Heater Operation faults - e.g. no fan operation, no hot air, etc etc
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  • Electrical Repairs Guaranteed
    Having worked in a main dealer for a number of years, you can be assured that most types of electrical/electronic fault have been experienced.
    Whilst specialist equipment is necessary for many new vehicles, there are still some operations that can be carried out including: Ignition problems & misfires, starting faults and non starts, warning lamps illuminating (e.g. ABS/Airbag), etc etc. All repairs are carried out to exacting standards and workmanship is guaranteed. If for any reason I am unable to fix a particular fault, you will be charged only for the call-out and diagnostic checks. I do have many specialist diagnostic tools allowing a large range of makes/models to be diagnosed. Please see price list for further details

Mobile Diagnostic Checks - Most Cars Can Be Checked

  • Trace/repair faults with engine management using modern equipment.
  • Second opinion given for work where you are unsure whether you have been given the correct diagnosis.
  • New for 2023 - in depth diagnostics. Am able to code in replacement Body Computers for many makes inclusing VAG VW Audi Skoda Seat. Also FRM diagnostics & settings for Mini/BMW etc - all common comfort settings can be altered. Retro fit foglamp coding etc possible. Please note at present I do not do remapping.
  • Classic Mini fitted with the 1.3 SPi (Single point injection) engine - e.g. 1990's Mini Cooper etc. MPi injection models can also be checked - please call or email for details.
  • I can Diagnose all current makes including: Alfa Romeo, Audi, BMW, Chrysler, Citroën, Daewoo, Daihatsu, Fiat, Ford, GM/Opel, Honda, Isuzu, Jaguar, Lancia, Land Rover, Lexus, Lotus, Mercedes, Mini, Mitsubishi FTO, Nissan, Peugeot, Porsche, Renault, Rover/MG, Saab, Seat, Skoda, Smart, Subaru, Suzuki, Toyota, Volkswagen, Volvo.
  • Please note cars that were pre OBD2 (standard diagnostic protocol now in use) can sometimes require special hardware & software that is specific to that model alone. Examples of which are the Mitsubishi FTO (which I have the correct hardware & software to diagnose), Jaguar (pre 2001) which I don't have (yet). The hardware kit for the early Jags costs about £350 so please understand that occasionally it may be simpler & cheaper to visit a main dealer. Cars with OBD2 however can all be checked without main dealer tools.
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